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More than just an office

Individual, flexible and at the highest level. Satellite Office's business centers set new standards, because from our point of view, an office is not just an office

What is a business center?

Business centers are located in large complexes of buildings, in which there are numerous offices and conference rooms. The offer is supplemented by services that facilitate office operations. Many business centers are located in city centers or near exhibition centers and airports. The individual offices are equipped by the providers with office furniture as well as telephone and Internet - this is also the case with Satellite Office. The rooms can easily be rented for a short or longer period of time. If required, office staff can also be hired on a minute-by-minute or hourly basis to take over secretarial tasks, for example, or to provide telephone and typing services as well as translations into various languages.


Companies save time, money and energy when they locate in a business center, as they do not have to set up their own infrastructure. This gives you significantly more flexibility. You can react individually to your space requirements and, for example, rent conference rooms or expand your office space during a trade fair. You can also rent our office space for a conference.


Business centers and coworking spaces are often confused with each other. Therefore, we would first like to shed some light on the subject and help you to recognize how a business center can help you to achieve your goals.

The business idea of business centers spilled over from America to Switzerland in the 1980s. Large buildings are rented, fully furnished and technically equipped. Small spaces of 15 to 50 square meters are then rented out. The rental contracts have a flexible duration. This means that you can easily rent day offices or use our space for a longer period of time. In addition, business centers often provide a secretarial service. The flexibility of our office service allows you to focus on your core business again.

In contrast, many people associate coworking with restlessness. Therein lies the advantage of a business center. There are no other companies in your office, so there is more peace and quiet and nothing to distract you.

With Satellite Office you choose the best of the best, because our incentive is to create a pleasant ambience. We want you to feel comfortable and the environment will do everything to maximize your concentration as well as productivity!


For your new office.

Whether you decide on an office space in Geneva, office space in Zurich, office space in Munich, office space in Berlin, office space in Düsseldorf, office space in Frankfurt or office space in Hamburg - our offices in all cities convince with their location. After all, they are always located at the pulsating addresses of the economic metropolises. This means they meet the highest standards, our own.


"Gruezi. If you have any questions about our Satellite Offices in Switzerland, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry."

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Gruezi. If you have any questions about our Satellite Offices in Switzerland, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry."

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