Hôtel de Banque

Satellite Office from IV. Q 2022 in Geneva.

This is where the new Satellite Office will be built by IV.Q. 2022

In Geneva's Rue de la Corraterie, right in the heart of this charming cosmopolitan city, the new Satellite Office is being built. The venerable palace called " Hôtel de Banque" is accessible from three major boulevards, Rue de la Confédération, Rue de la Cité and Rue de la Corraterie. The building is one of the most iconic, venerable banking houses
in Switzerland with a history that goes back more than a hundred years.

With a lot of heart and soul, we create individual and flexible workplaces in Geneva for pure quality of life and work. No matter what you are looking for in Geneva - a luxurious headquarters for your company, a representative branch in Switzerland, your extravagant individual office or fully equipped flexible workplaces for your teams, the new location in Geneva offers ideal conditions. In our luggage we also have our unique flair - pleasant tranquility! Driving pioneering spirit and human warmth blend together in our exclusive design concept pureSilent Line by Satellite Office to create your favorite place!

On more than 1100 square meters over two floors, 19 offices of various sizes with flexible workstations are being created. Here we can react flexibly to your needs and realize almost anything. Digital Rooms, Phonebooth, noble bistros and three exquisite meeting rooms including a fireplace lounge are at your disposal. All offices and open spaces have state-of-the-art WLAN connections and the latest technologies.

Your Satellite Office at the Hôtel de Banque

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Hôtel de Banque im Detail.


With pureSilent®, rooms become a stage. People are at the center of this unique room concept: work productively and with concentration with Deep Work. Sustainable, tactile materials and a creative lighting concept cast a whole new light on office work, the carefully crafted acoustics make you sit up and take notice, and the state-of-the-art technology is smart. Stylish is conducive to concentration. The unique room concept and the idea behind the furnishings have won several awards.

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Tarik Softic

Bonjour à Genève. If you have any questions about our Satellite Office in Geneva, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your call."

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