If you choose one of our coworking spaces in Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich, there may be one or the other envy. After all, you will then work where others would like to work.


Simple work physics: Productivity is attracted by poles of rest.

One thing in advance: We are different from the others. We don't do coworking because it's fashionable. We do it because we started it over 25 years ago. With the first coworking spaces in Berlin – long before the term coworking even existed. Even then, we combined business and lifestyle, work and life. Today we still do that, just with more experience and a keen eye for the needs of our guests. The location is a central element. A coworking space of the extra class is usually located in the heart of the city. Berlin is a perfect example of this. Two of the spaces in Berlin, for example, are located directly on Kurfürstendamm, the address par excellence for business and lifestyle.

But what makes us truly unique is the targeted approach to all senses. Our coworking spaces are designed in such a way that the guest feels completely comfortable and finds the necessary peace and quiet to work. For maximum success. Special attention is paid to the ear. Many smaller break-out areas allow discreet meetings and offer space for concentrated work and thinking. At the same time, the casually luxurious bistro and lounge areas of the coworking spaces create a dignified atmosphere. Some visitors refer to this warm feeling as an "office club" when they have taken a seat at the long wooden tables. And we think that's a good thing. Finally, you can further expand your network at our Meeting Points and at exclusive membership events.

In addition to our coworking spaces, the so-called open workspaces, individual and team offices, conference and meeting rooms as well as various event spaces such as our roof terraces are also available. You can book all this flexibly, fully equipped and immediately ready to move into every room. If you would like to welcome guests, our professional team will be happy to take care of the reception for you. And if you only need an impressive business address, we recommend our Virtual Office. By the way: Our Master Membership is included free of charge in all offers of the Coworking Spaces. All this together is Satellite Office, a company with soul and the home port for all those who want to arrive and get started.


A fairy tale of the competition: Silent on the cheap seats.

For over 25 years, we have been giving the topic of coworking the often missed class. The name Satellite Office stands for self-contained luxury quality. After all, we know only too well how important rest is for focused and productive work, for deep working. Of course, this stands in stark contrast to the industry's usual approach. Whether at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin or at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, coworking is usually loud, colorful and, to put it positively, quite dynamic. A decal of our society with its permanent hustle and bustle and the pitfalls of digitization, so to speak. We make a statement against this. And a very quiet one, which will still cause the market to quake. By giving peace the space it deserves. Because: without rest, there is no focus. Without rest there is no concentration. Without rest, there is no productivity. This is how we have become the first and only provider to completely redefine coworking. This is how pureSilent® was born.

Since its launch at the end of 2019, we have been using the brand-new room concept as an interior design line at selected locations: clear shapes, purist design and specially developed furniture for deep working in its purest form. pureSilent® is the future, the logical consequence of our permanent further development. And the consistent transfer of our way of thinking into physical interior design – high-quality furniture, innovative work spaces and state-of-the-art sound insulation to put the silent crown on our workspaces. As you can see, compared to the competition, we are an alternative that is basically without alternative. Secure your job in the best location now. Our coworking spaces are looking forward to meeting you.


For even more success.

You are spoilt for choice: Coworking Space Munich, Coworking Space Berlin, Coworking Space Düsseldorf, Coworking Space Frankfurt, Coworking Space Hamburg or Coworking Space Zurich – you decide. With their location, they inspire everyone. For example, the coworking spaces in Berlin on Ku'damm or in Hamburg on the Binnenalster. Here you will find the best addresses.

Our offer

  • Elegantly furnished offices in various sizes
  • Coworking spaces in a class of their own
  • Representative business address
  • Local telephone service
  • Postal and parcel service
  • Meeting rooms optional
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Telephone, printer, scanner, copier


Those who save on their jobs often pay with their success. There are no such surprises in our coworking spaces. Flexible workspace in the best location and premium quality has its advantages. Here you will find them all at a glance.


Flexible offices and coworking spaces from Zurich to Berlin

A coworking space and temporary offices are therefore the perfect springboard for companies in the growth phase. But also established medium-sized companies and large corporations benefit from the flexible offer of Satellite Office in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The services around the actual workspace play a decisive role: the representative business address, meeting rooms in different sizes and, of course, the support of absolute experts in terms of telephone and postal service. We look forward to accompanying you on your way.

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