Is an excellent idea



The time was ripe for a holistic office concept. Anita Gödiker called itpureSilent®.

pureSilent® by Satellite Office is the award-winning room concept for maximum productivity. In the meantime, the holistic room concept has won the Iconic Award for the best office room design in Germany and has been nominated for further awards. Purist design meets first-class facilities - the perfect environment for your goals.

This concept arose from the view that people perceive and enjoy with all 5 senses.


  • Coworking spaces of the extra class rethought
  • Clean, purist design meets absolute tranquility. Noble. Unadorned.
  • Carefully crafted acoustics promote maximum concentration
  • Finely coordinated color scheme and sustainable, tactile materials have a harmonious effect
  • Innovative workspaces with specially developed furniture promote agile working
  • Screened-off areas and protected break-out areas ensure absolute discretion

Planning ahead.

Throughout the company's history, we at Satellite Office have never stopped developing. There were already signs of overloading and overcrowding in the office world in 2018. This overloading of the human senses was then placed at the center of the development of the new spatial concept. This gave rise to the interior design line pureSilent® by Satellite Office, knowing that it makes sense, but not realizing how important and valuable it would prove to be under the new working conditions in the pandemic.

With the pureSilent® Line, we put the silent crown on the working conditions in our workspaces. Award-winning.