About Anita Gödiker.

In the beginning, back in 1997, she simply had an unbeatably good idea:
Establish a premium business, coworking and conference center: Only in the best locations in the major cities This then became Satellite Office. Today, Anita Gödiker is the market-leading premium provider in this segment in Germany. And it is impossible to imagine the entire industry without it.

As an Emslander, she is connected to her homeland, a country girl by principle and a city dweller by passion. She is committed - socially, politically and entrepreneurially. Getting involved instead of just running along. That is their theme.

In the SME association "Wir Familienunternehmer", she stands for the power of female entrepreneurs.

Culture loves it, unculture hates it. Constructive unrest is her aspiration - for herself and others. 24 hours, 365 days.

It has developed its own comprehensive equipment concept for the premium world of all its locations: pureSilent®-line. The result is a unique world of colors and materials, as well as a unique furniture language that redefines office spaces. In the meantime, this route has been honored with the Iconic Award for the best office space design in Germany and has been nominated for further awards. This is how she creates space for her success...

It has long been thinking and realizing satellite office locations internationally:
The first location in Zurich's coveted Bahnhofstrasse has been running smoothly for years, and further satellite offices in Switzerland are being planned in Zurich and Geneva.

Office open for Anita Gödiker

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