Interview with Clara Marangoni

Dive into the exclusive interview with Clara Marangoni, Director of SATELLITE OFFICE in Geneva. Find out why this international business hub and the unique location on Rue de la Corraterie are so special to her and her first-class team.

Jo Fechner: Clara Marangoni, an Austrian in Geneva, and the Director here at SATELLITE OFFICE. Why here? Why Rue de la Corraterie?

Clara Marangoni: First of all, Geneva is a truly international place. A beautiful place, too, with the lake, the surrounding nature and the city’s long tradition. There is no business place like this. Geneva is an international business hub with all possibilities that make life worthwhile. Our exquisite offices at Rue de la Corraterie, situated in the hard of the city between the “Quartier des banques” and the old town, provides the most central and prestigious address, making it the perfect location of us.

Jo Fechner: What is so special about this place?

Clara Marangoni: Our clients are probably best place to describe the uniqueness of this place. For me personally, these are the finest workspaces I’ve ever worked in. But we also have the finest team that allows us to provide unparalleled service – as you can imagine. We have this special environment of materials and colours, the combination of haptic and visual impressions where every piece of furniture has been chosen with great care. The whole establishes an atmosphere where you can focus on your work. .

Jo Fechner: Is there a significant difference in the needs of your clientel – compared to other locations?

Clara Marangoni: Business stays business, every SATELLITE OFFICE offers excellent quality and the highest standard on the market. But if I think about it – there might be a slight difference. Switzerland embraces understatement, and our Swiss customers value absolute discretion. At the same time, they appreciate a service that ensures their satisfaction and that of their customers. Our PureSilent concept at SATELLITE OFFICE perfectly aligns with this, perfectly combining both words to the best.

Jo Fechner: Thank you!