Italian hospitality on the Rhine

Mariagiovanna Verdastro is the new director of the Satellite Office in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is not only home to the fashion world, the metropolis on the Rhine is considered Germany’s smallest cosmopolitan city, whose vibrant Japanese quarter has even been declared a World Heritage Site.

was declared – and this is exactly where Italian-born Mariagiovanna Verdastro lives. She has been the new director of the Satellite Office in Düsseldorf since January. In just a few minutes, Mariagiovanna walks from her home to her new workplace on the world-famous Königsallee. Here we meet for a short conversation that exuded so much positive, Italian attitude to life!

Director Mariagiovanna Verdastro in the Düsseldorf Satellite Office Girardethaus
Director Mariagiovanna Verdastro in the Düsseldorf Satellite Office Girardethaus

“My favorite thing is to be a hostess!”, Mariagiovanna Verdastro opens the conversation. She was born and raised in Naples. At the age of 21 she felt like discovering the world and her path led her from Naples to Düsseldorf. Originally, it was only supposed to be a small experience, she wanted to get to know the culture better, was curious about everything there was to discover. Now she has been in Germany for nine years, eight of them in Düsseldorf. She came across Satellite Office more or less by accident – if coincidences exist! “I felt very, very comfortable at Satellite Office from the very first moment. I can identify with the product one hundred percent, which is something you almost never have in a job!” she says enthusiastically. She was completely won over by Satellite Office when she met CEO Anita Gödiker. “The interview made a lasting impression on me. You can feel the positive spirit of Anita Gödiker everywhere in the location, she is a great source of inspiration for me and she gives the office – even if she is not always there – an incomparable atmosphere.”

She really likes her new job: “I find the job as director at Satellite Office is varied, every day is different. The job has so many facets, I can retreat to concentrate on my work, but I also have regular contact with the most interesting customers. I have a lot of responsibility and get to lead a great team – the combination of everything is unique.” In order to be able to process all the hustle and bustle and the many challenges of the day, the director deliberately takes ten minutes for herself every evening – all alone, without a cell phone, without interference. After that, however, things may become livelier again, because she loves being a hostess the most! “I love cooking for good friends, love putting all my passion into a dish. Then when my guests take their first fork, I look at their faces and am happy when I’ve been able to pass on my passion to them and they like it.” In general, she loves simple dishes with no more than seven ingredients. “It also reflects my personality, I like it reduced, clear and simple.” The greatest motivation for Mariagiovanna is when her guests at home and in the Satellite Office say that they felt completely comfortable with her.

Benvenuta, cara Mariagiovanna! By the way, Düsseldorf is a real hotbed for Satellite Office: Dominik Bornewasser, former Director of Satellite Office in Düsseldorf, is now responsible for Satellite Office Sales & Operations throughout Europe.