Mastering economic changes

Insights from a bank director from Hamburg on rising interest rates and entrepreneurial strategies

Welcome to an exciting insight into the world of business at SATELLITE OFFICE Gutruf Haus in Hamburg Jo Fechner had a fascinating pureCom talk with Christoph Harold Hummel, Director at DONNER & REUSCHEL Bank in the Hanseatic city. At this unique series of events, pureCom offers informative talks on current topics that not only impart knowledge, but also create space for discussion and networking.

Interest rate hikes and the threat of recession, and the burning question – is the SME sector in danger?

Summary of contents:

Interest and its meaning:
– Definition of interest as the price of money.
– The influence of productivity and savings behavior on interest rate trends.

Design of the interest cycle:
– Historical significance of interest rate policy, especially in the 1980s.
– Influence on inflation and consumers’ time preferences.

Factors in the interest rate cycle:
– Importance of potential growth and productivity.

Dependence on the US financial market:
– Discussion about the importance of the US dollar and global economic interdependencies.

Options for entrepreneurs:
– Challenges for companies in the face of rising interest rates.
– Reflections on consumer behavior and productivity increases.

A way out of the interest rate spiral:
– Emphasizing the need to increase productivity.
– Personal room for maneuver and levers for entrepreneurs.

Central banks and their role:
– A critical look at the role of the ECB compared to the Fed.
– Challenges and difficulties faced by central banks in managing the economy.


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The discussion not only gives us an insight into the current economic challenges, but also offers concrete approaches on how entrepreneurs can prepare for the coming changes. Let’s delve into the world of business together and discover how you can actively shape it to navigate successfully through these times!

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The Gutruf House itself, known for its elegant atmosphere and modern furnishings, provided the ideal setting for this inspiring evening. From the welcome to the last question, the event was imbued with the SATELLITE OFFICE philosophy: professionalism, innovation and community. The discussion on interest rates, their importance for the economy and the role of central banks was not only informative, but also accessible to a wide audience. Christoph Hummel succeeded in presenting complex topics in a way that was understandable for both financial experts and entrepreneurs, and gave helpful tips on how to escape the interest rate spiral.