Mohamad is doing really well

Career at Satellite Office!

Mohamad Hassan started at Satellite Office in Berlin four years ago as an operations junior, i.e. a receptionist. Since then a lot has happened and Mohamad has really “taken off”! Mohamad is married and has two children.

Mohamad Hassan at Satellite Office Berlin KUD15

You have been “Sales Manager Meetings & Events” since the beginning of 2023. Congratulations! What are you doing in your new job?

Mohamad Hassan: “I negotiate with new conference and event clients, manage existing clients, and organize meetings and caterings. I am the contact person for all conference customers throughout Germany – in cooperation with Dominik Bornewasser, Director Quality & Operations.

For Berlin, my home base, I am additionally responsible for all four locations with twenty conference rooms and look after our customers there on site from the planning to the implementation and follow-up of the event. At the same time, my working hours are always different; I’m there for eight hours, but the times depend on my customers.”

What do you like most about Satellite Office and your new job?

Mohamad Hassan: “To put it briefly: Development opportunities, vacant internal positions are filled internally, the flexible working hours and the work-life balance are given despite my exciting job and my many tasks. The promotion came directly from Ms. Gödiker, CEO Satellite Office, personally. A real appreciation for me and my work over the last four years. I am also excited to work in Satellite Office’s luxurious environment, with state-of-the-art work equipment. For example, I have a height-adjustable desk and currently even an office with a view of the Ku’damm. However, I also enjoy the confidence of working in a home office, for which I have been given a laptop. The super product in the conference and meeting area with first-class equipment, makes my work easy. We stand out very strongly from the competition, we are privately run – there you don’t get lost as a customer or as an employee as quickly as you often do in corporations.”

What’s the fun factor about your job?

Mohamad Hassan: “I like the fact that I am in direct contact with customers and I extremely enjoy organizing the big events and conferences for customers. I also like being seen as very reliable by big companies, enjoying the trust. The companies completely rely on me to organize everything perfectly. There are often twenty events running in parallel and I can’t let anything slip by. This is a challenge and an incentive for me to bring everything to a successful conclusion. Our feedback, which is always positive, makes me very proud. Especially when they come back. It usually starts with a meeting from one company. If that was great, it makes the rounds in the company and we then have many meetings. Our regular customers are very high-ranking companies from Germany and Europe. When they then ask for me directly again, I’m very happy!”

Thank you very much for the interview, dear Mohamad!