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They are connecting, inspiring, productive, creative and forward-looking: even in times of home offices and remote communication, live meetings remain a form of collaboration that retains its value in business and is of central importance for corporate success. Precisely because the working world is becoming increasingly independent in terms of space, the question of the right place for meetings often arises. So what do you do if, for example, you’re a working nomad and don’t have your own space? It’s simple: You rent a conference room from our Conference Worlds.

The space for your success wants to be well planned

Of course, you need to think about everything in detail in advance to ensure smooth operations. It is important to keep a critical eye on parameters such as style, number of people, catering, technology. The demand is usually high, after all, you want to set the stage for important issues and decisions. At Satellite Office you will find the perfect setting for your presentation. The experts for rented workspaces offer top equipped workspace in prominent locations of leading German, Swiss and Italian business metropolises. Professionalism, attention to detail and a lot of heart and soul go into the spatial concepts of the workstations and meeting rooms, which inspire even the most demanding customers.

Guide to successful meetings –
What you should look for in advance when renting a meeting room:

Meeting room in Zurich - Satellite Office
Conference Room Limmat – Satellite Office Zurich

Reprasentative addresses leave a lasting impression

Anyone who invites guests to a meeting or seminar would do well to pay attention to where they are luring them. It is about the attractiveness of the address, the representative effect and good accessibility. At Satellite Office, our first priority is a central location. Königsallee, Kurfürstendamm, Binnenalster, Opernplatz, Ludwigstraße – book a conference room with us and your event will take place at the most exclusive addresses of the metropolises. Historic, revitalized buildings and innovative interior design create the perfect setting for your presentation. You will receive your guests in a befitting manner in spacious entrance halls and gather in the open lounge areas during breaks.

You set the conditions, we create space for your success

How many people are coming? Do they work in parallel in groups? Are there many breaks planned? The basic requirements must be discussed in advance to find the conference room that is best for your needs. Any deviation from the optimum will affect your meeting. A room that is too big makes the negative difference in togetherness just like a room that is too small. Also difficult: when ten brains need more fresh air than is available, or when you can’t understand your colleague at the other end of the table because the acoustics in the room don’t work. At Satellite Office, we do a lot of things right because we ask for the crucial parameters when booking. Whether meeting or workshop, whether for smaller groups of 4-8 persons or larger conferences up to 16 persons. In the end, we have the right solution for every occasion.

Equipment according to your wishes – your conference room is perfectly equipped

Maybe you need a large screen and want to use the 4K video conferencing system? You should discuss topics such as seating arrangements, background and equipment with the provider in advance. Maybe more tables are needed and maybe ergonomic furniture is a good idea? No matter what, ask us about it. From flipcharts to high-speed WLAN and audiovisual equipment to state-of-the-art presentation technology and a 4K video conferencing system, everything is at your disposal. We are also happy to change the interior individually according to your wishes.

Good catering as appreciation for the business partner

The content agenda is set, the room is chosen, the technology works. Last but not least: The Catering. The physical well-being of the participants during the business meeting should not be underestimated. For a successful meeting, the culinary trappings have to be right. It provides a feel-good atmosphere, creates customer loyalty and lightens the mood.

In addition: An invitation to a good meal demonstrates your appreciation to the business partners. So stay away from soggy rolls and rather invest in high-quality catering. It pays off because in the end, good business relationships also go through the stomach. Satellite Office’s catering service will be happy to advise you and coordinate the program with you. You can rely on our comprehensive services – from simple coffee to high-end solutions.

before and during the event in the rental meeting room

Anyone who rents a meeting room usually receives their guests in an unfamiliar environment. So that you can still concentrate on your role as host, clarify with the landlord in advance the support on site. It is important that the conference hall is prepared with all booked catering and technical elements to ensure a smooth process and to relieve you yourself.

Whoever books a meeting room at Satellite Office receives his guests on foreign territory, but is himself our guest, whom we take care of. The room is handed over fully equipped. The tables are set, the food is served according to discussed timing and the coffee is always freshly brewed. Of course, it’s also our job to ensure that the technology works. You take care of your agenda and your visitors, we do the rest. And if there are still questions on site? No problem, there is always a support team to assist you during the meeting.

What characterizes a successful meeting?

In the end, hosts and guests must feel comfortable in terms of atmosphere. This is the only way to create productive cooperation. On the one hand, a meeting is successful when you work through the items on the agenda and achieve results. But besides the content aspect, it is the feeling of well-being that takes on a decisive role. People who feel good are more creative, more decisive, more dynamic. Feeling good is the basis for productivity. For us at Satellite Office, that’s exactly our mission. We do everything to give the meeting a framework that will have a positive impact on your results. This includes our well thought-out room concepts, our design, our technical services and, of course, our catering. Our offices and conference rooms are designed to maximize productivity while minimizing distractions. We always do a reliable tech check beforehand, ensuring reliability and a calm, inspiring environment. Satellite Office does not like to leave anything to chance and thus guarantees the best conditions for successful meetings and sustainably good business relationships.

Highly professional and contemporary: Rent seminar rooms

The world of work is sailing through exciting times in which work and the workplace are reinventing themselves in terms of basic structures. Flexibility, a feel-good atmosphere and local independence are success factors of a new philosophy. It expresses itself in more co-working, spatial flexibility and professional independence. No matter where you are and in which professional environment you operate, today there must be opportunities to move in a professional parquet. As nice as a table booked at short notice at an Italian restaurant is, it’s more savvy to book an exclusive, top-of-the-line meeting room, with all the technical equipment you need.