Satellite Office Stuttgart – At the heart of the European think tank!

Stuttgart is and remains Germany’s No. 1 technology metropolis. Whether it’s Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, Porsche, Bosch – Stuttgart has always been a hot spot when it comes to innovations, ideas and their realization. “Made in Germany” is actually “Made in Baden-Württemberg” – but we hardly dare say it. Modesty is a Swabian prerogative; those from the “Ländle” carry the seal of “quality” in their luggage.

Reception Satellite Office Stuttgart
Reception Satellite Office Stuttgart

The fact that not far from Stuttgart, in Heilbronn, the largest counterpart to Silicon Valley is being built, the new Mecca of the digital world, the center of AI – that is also a fact that people here tell each other under their breath. Swabians don’t like to talk about unlaid eggs. They prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. And it is not least this fact that has contributed to the global success of “The Länd”.

SATELLITE OFFICE moved into Königstrasse 35 in summer 2023, bringing together on three floors what will become a symbiosis. We have experience with this! We still have offices available, here you can rent your office in Stuttgart. High-tech, innovation-driven processes that require an environment in which you can focus on taking the next step without compromise.

So here it is, this think tank of modernity.

The Artificial Intelligence Innovation Park (Ipai) Heilbronn will be the largest ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. Small, medium-sized and large companies, start-ups as well as talents and players from the public sector work there on AI-based software products and solutions. The background to this was a competition run by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism.

Be part of something that may sound like a dream of the future, but is already part of our everyday lives. Be there, in the middle of Stuttgart!

The second floor of the Satellite Office building on Königstrasse is nearing completion. This is the last available office space in the building to go into operation. This expansion allows us to prepare even more space for you and your visions. A further 8 offices are currently available and can be occupied from March 1st. Please contact our director, Isabel Intrup, by phone or email: or +49 711 99871500