3 Questions to Tarik Softic, Director Satellite Office Geneva

The brand new Satelllite Office in Geneva is freshly opened. Time to ask Director Tarik Softic why you should come, work and experience it yourself

What makes the Geneva Satellite Office unique in French-speaking Switzerland?

Tarik Softic: “The philosophy of Satellite Office matches Geneva perfectly. The philosophy of Satellite Office is differentiated by its desire to bring excellence to the world of flexible working and there is a market for this – not only in Geneva. Attentive listening and a personalized approach far from current standards are our daily work in order to offer a unique experience. Our center is on a human scale with a desire to preserve the calm that reigns there. Our flexible formulas and our range of services allow us to respond effectively to all needs and requirements.”

2. What should I expect as a Satellite Office customer if I spontaneously switch to the Geneva Satellite Office?

Tarik Softic: “Every visitor is welcomed with a big smile because we love what we do. You can also expect a discovery of the premises so that customers can soak up the architecture, the furniture and the play of lights, not to mention the delicious freshly ground coffee and our highly motivated team – nothing has been left to chance. This feeling of well-being and calm can only be felt after a real visit to the center, no fiction, only truth.”

What is important to you on site?

Tarik Softic: “Its location in the heart of the old town on one of the most beautiful streets in Geneva. The building steeped in history which has kept its superb facade since 1907 and it imposes! Then, once the elevator door opens, we immediately understand that the center has been professionally designed by Anita Gödiker, CEO from Satellite Office. Her 26 years of experience in creating flexible workspaces is unique and our clients profit every day. Each space is designed to meet the needs of experienced clients who do not wish to spend their days in a “standard office” and be able to focus on their business.”