Berlin’s good address remains

At least ten more years for the Satellite Office “Römischer Hof”, Unter den Linden

The best addresses in Berlin are Ku’damm, Französische Straße and of course the 1.5 km long world famous boulevard Unter den Linden. So it’s no wonder that there are a total of four satellite offices here! The locations are coveted, tenants and investors are lining up despite the recession, because a (business) address with this sender increases the image value of a company many times over! Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, was able to secure the Satellite Office “Römischer Hof” with the address Unter den Linden 10 for at least another ten years. Well done, Anita!

The Satellite Office “Römischer Hof” is a real guarantee for success: The proximity to the government district – you only walk a few minutes – is an important factor. Thus, the créme de la créme of German politics is also here. From lobbyists to world-famous politicians, from confidential fireside chats to international press conferences – the Satellite Office has seen and experienced it all. Of course, in the greatest possible security in terms of confidentiality of staff, exclusivity and acoustics of the premises and also hygiene factors during the pandemic.

But Anita Gödiker’s Satellite Offices would not be what they are today if things were not constantly changing and improving! In this case, we are talking about a refurbishment of the Satellite Offices Unter den Linden next year in 2023: In various construction phases, renovations will be carried out step by step, furniture will be replaced, and the public areas will receive a complete face-lift with brand-new furnishings. The architecture award-winning “pureSilent® Design by Satellite Office” will also make its way into the Römischer Hof in 2023, providing peace and quiet and protection while working. The interior design impresses with a new space, color and material concept. It serves all the senses and the desire to Deep Work for more productivity. All old, power-hungry devices fly out. “We now only use equipment that is proven sustainable and in line with our spirit of environmental protection,” says CEO Anita Gödiker. We are looking forward to it!