Because we are aware of the privileged environment we are in every day, we try to behave in a sustainable and socially responsible way – and to encourage those around us to do the same.

This year, our Director Jens Kirchhoff in Frankfurt has decided to take an extraordinary measure. The Valdiovia association appeals for donations every year. However, not with the bell bag, but as a real Santa Claus: Anyone who would like to participate can pack parcels for children who would otherwise not receive any parcels. And there are too many of them.

As the previous parcel collection point was no longer available, Jens Kirchhoff quickly made his office available as a “parcel collection point” this year. And it was so successful that at times he could no longer look out of his window onto Opernplatz. Over 200 packages blocked his view – great!

Many thanks, dear Jens Kirchhoff and to the entire team of our SATELLITE OFFICE at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt – a great campaign. We think the campaign is so cool that we as a company have added another 10 packets…

If you, dear readers, would like to help give many children in the age groups up to six years and between 7-12 years a ray of hope for Christmas – you can find out more here:

We say THANK YOU in advance!