pureCom VIOLIN ASSETS Frankfurt am Main “Strings for Talents”

We were able to experience a highlight of our pureCom event series at our SATELLITE OFFICE in Frankfurt:

Award-winning cellist Alexander Dimitrov played a concert to draw attention to VIOLIN ASSETS, a company that brings young classical music talent together with patrons.

VIOLIN ASSETS (founder and CEO Christian Reister) is a company that provides highly talented young musicians with classical instruments whose purchase would exceed the artists’ means.

Such instruments by old Italian masters are often worth over a million euros.

To this end, VIOLIN ASSETS brokers these instruments to patrons who purchase the instruments as an investment. Young talents can apply for these instruments.

The patrons then make their instruments available to the artists on a long-term basis.

This means that the young talent can dramatically improve their skills through the masterful instrument.

On the other hand, the patron invests in an instrument that promises him an above-average return (5-8% p.a.). The market for classical master instruments is growing steadily and reliably.

The talent delights his patrons by arrangement with house concerts, performances at events – or with preferential seating at larger concert appearances. The patron hears his own instrument. Masterfully played.

This creates a win-win-win situation:

  • Promoting talent at the highest level,
  • at the same time a worthwhile investment
  • and the instrument is played (it has to be played, otherwise the wood of these unique instruments no longer vibrates and loses its resonance).

Cellist Alexander Dimitrov is one of these artists who has already made a name for himself on an instrument provided by VIOLIN ASSETS has become a well-known instrument.

The violinists Giulia Sardi and Johanna Röhrig, and the cellist Daniel Arias are currently competing for valuable, masterly instruments from the 18th century. In the evening, the guests were able to hear and experience a sample of their skills.