Oh you brave new world of work! Whether individual office, meeting room or team office – today there are suitable solutions for every conceivable scenario, bookable at short notice and suitable for every business. The rented team office in particular has become a fresh reimagining of the typical global player open-plan office in recent years. Modern, well thought-out in terms of work psychology and rentable on a temporary basis, it is the answer to the change in work culture. As demand continues to grow, so does the variety of offerings for group offices. Providers like Satellite Office know that it’s not about one-fits-all, but about individual solutions that bring contemporary and modern features and give teams the right space for their creative and productive flow.

Geneva - Team Office
Team office for 2 people – Satellite Office Geneva


Group offices provide space for several employees. They are ideal for teams working on a project or even smaller departments of a company that would benefit from a change of scenery. A team office must offer more than just a place to work. The focus is on collaboration and demands adequate spatial support for work ethic, spirit, creativity and motivation. Ideally, the group office rental company offers an ambiance that is based on the team’s tasks and needs. The main focus is on concentrated and creative collaboration, coordination and communication.

In office planning, project offices are often divided by room dividers or office cabinets and can be flexibly partitioned as needed. Efficient working in a team office means short communication channels and direct exchange of information. Neither open-plan nor cellular offices are suitable for this purpose; instead, “open units” are in demand – small-structured but nevertheless open room zones.

Why is a group office the right solution for teams working on a common project?

The advantages of a team office at a glance

When a team is working on a project, a shared group office is often the right solution. Satellite Office explains why.

  • Synergetic work through direct contact. People who work in a room hear more from their colleagues. You can find answers to questions faster, support each other without wasting time, and work together toward goals.
  • Onboarding is less complicated in the team office. New employees learn more quickly, are quickly trained and integrated into the existing team.
  • Cost advantage through efficient use of space: With a group office, the team makes efficient use of the available space. This causes lower financial expenses than renting individual offices.

Satellite Office creates team offices with space for new ideas

Group offices are therefore always a good choice when intensive teamwork is required. Companies often rent Team Workspace to match specific project phases. Are you also looking for the right office? Or would you like to set new impulses in your team through a spatial change? With two to six workstations per office, we at Satellite Office have the perfect solution for you and your crew. Our room concept creates a working atmosphere in which information is exchanged quickly and, in contrast to an open-plan office, there is still peace and quiet. A lot of emphasis is also placed on ergonomics and the best lighting conditions in the team office. After all, the teams should feel comfortable and be supported by the environment in the best possible way. As a result, teams benefit in the form of good collaboration and high productivity.

Project-based employees or mobile colleagues can be accommodated as needed at one of our flexible workstations with 5-, 10- or 20-day tickets. So you don’t have to rent a larger office space than you need for your permanent employees. This is also reflected in the rental price of the office.

An overview of the included services at our team offices:

When you rent a team office from us, the following costs are included:

  • First class business address
  • 24/7 access including chip key
  • Welcome and reception of visitors
  • Provision of state-of-the-art office equipment, fax service with UMS
  • Incidental expenses such as janitor, gardening, window cleaning service, etc.
  • Heating, electricity, water, gas, outdoor lighting, air conditioning
  • Home and office lighting
  • Use and cleaning of common areas
  • Property tax and insurance
  • Internet connection including flat rate, up to 500 Mbit/s synchronous
  • Telephone connection incl. Comfort telephone per workstation

Good teamwork has a positive effect on the project result

For a project to be successful, project members must harmonize as a team. What is the ideal lineup to ensure that teamwork is successful? A much studied topic among personnel psychologists. A team consists of several people who work together in a task-oriented manner and are expected to, and in the best case want to, achieve a joint performance. In doing so, the actions of each individual team member impact the success of the entire team.

What makes a successful team?

The selection of team members, the development of a team identity and the standardization of work processes are crucial for the success of the project. Ultimately, collaboration between project members is essential for a team to function.

What to consider when putting together a team:

  • Clear communication of project requirements: Team members must understand and internalize the scope and content.
  • The right mix of skills: Ein Team braucht analog der Projektinhalte echte Spezialisten.
  • Strong Team Leadership: Every team needs a leader who brings out the best in their teammates.
  • Capacities and feasibility: Too high a workload harms the processes. A realistic assessment and precise time planning are elementary.
  • Homogeneous working methods: Consensus on work procedures and processes, norms and rules of conduct, communication and meetings are prerequisites for developing team spirit, a sense of belonging and a focus on performance. Different approaches can have a negative impact on team dynamics.
  • Character check in advance: A team always consists of individuals. This can be both beneficial and detrimental to the project. Ongoing disputes jeopardize cooperation throughout the team.
  • Project Initialization: Conducting a kick-off workshop around all relevant information is an important step on the way to a successful project team.

How can a team office optimize conditions in collaboration?

Of course, an optimal team office is not enough for the successful implementation of a project. But especially in light of the fact that collaboration is the key success parameter of a team, a good group office is becoming a secret weapon for teamwork. It is important that offices are designed according to the needs and the ways of working. The advantage of rental team offices are flexible settings. Whether contemporary multimedia equipment or integrated and separated communication areas – providers such as Satellite Office are able to meet individual ideas with their team offices.

The team office becomes the project office

The more flexible the adaptability of space and furnishings, the better. There are no limits to design creativity: standing tables for short meetings, media furniture for brainstorming sessions – equipped with upholstered furniture or tables and benches that are also used for team meetings and the joint lunch. Acoustic and climatic comfort are also to be produced for the team. The team office becomes a project office – especially with changing settings that are used by different team members depending on the project phase.

Feeling good in the business center: the best prerequisite for your project

Clearly, when teams feel comfortable in their work environment, collaboration works better. To support this, the office space should create the most inviting environment possible for all employees, one that supports creative processes. Satellite Office knows exactly that and combines exclusivity and feel-good elements in its exclusive room concepts for team offices. Whether alone or in a team – you simply enjoy working here.