Satellite Office is the exclusive third place for companies!

Third Place – the 3rd place – was first defined more comprehensively in the late 1980s by the American sociologist Oldenburg: At that time, a “Third Place” was a meeting place outside the family (First Place) and the world of work (Second Place) for conversation and inspiration with other, even previously unknown people.

So also in coffee shops, airports, hotel lobbies. The term quickly evolved into an all-purpose tool. Museums use it to open themselves up to additional uses. Theaters, movie theaters, bookstores, churches, shopping centers too. All places where you can generate so “more” and “additional” experiences.

Satellite Office Zurich- House Gryffenberg

Currently, 3rd Places are more in demand than ever. Building on this development, Satellite Office offers companies exclusive “Third Place.” At all locations in Germany, Switzerland and soon also in Italy. This is the company’s response to the ongoing trend toward more home offices. Companies that want to offer their home office employees a base station to maintain and promote social and professional competencies to the company no longer need a separate spatial company structure for this. Here the complete services of Satellite Office are much more efficient: Day offices, meeting rooms in various sizes, the entire back office processing. And all this in a first-class, high-quality and designed ambience – always at the very best addresses in the cities. All this combines with the other benefits: always enough service staff, never crowded, everything is designed for quiet, concentrated work (own strategy “pureSilent”).

Third Place Offices from Satellite Office offer a variety of benefits. For workers, they offer a flexible work environment that they can use as needed in combination with home office to be more productive as well as better integrate their work location into their daily routine. At the same time, they don’t have to do without “real” interaction with colleagues, and the network of a Workspace offers a good platform for know-how transfer. This has coworking qualities that make everyday life more exciting!

In addition, they can benefit from the infrastructure of Third Place Offices by Satellite Office, such as state-of-the-art technology, the fastest Internet, printers and scanners, which are not normally available in a home office or would have to be purchased separately.

For companies, Third Place Offices offer the opportunity to increase employee flexibility and engagement while offsetting and optimizing office space and equipment costs. The coordination between the “First Place” (home office), the “Second Place” (company) and the “Third Place” (satellite office) is possible in the best possible way and is a real basis that creates trust.

And let’s not forget: Companies that offer their employees this flexibility in their choice of workplace and different working environment are much more attractive!